Parts Three & Four
   by: Summer -

    PART 3

Slowly waking up to my husbands nudges, my thoughts were not of him but of Mike and milky white sperm, his seed of his loins penetrating my womb opening.
Sticky between my thighs, his cum lubricated my shaved pussy, warmed by the heat blanket. The smell of sex with a stranger was still in my bed.  My husband not a clue to my affair climbed in bed with me and we cuddled face to face. I pushed up close to him and pressed Mikes cum on my husbandís cock.  I played with Johnís cock between my already fucked pussy.  He doesnít know about the semen sticky on my vagina walls. I move closer on his cock and feel the head slip in me. Taking a deep breath I love the feel of cock.  This time John isnít wearing a condom. He said, Iíll pull out before I cum so you wonít get pregnant. I kissed him and let him in deeper. He felt good inside me, like another stranger between my legs. We rolled over and on my back I stretched my legs wider and wrapped him in my hold and he took me like an animal in heat. His body slammed mine, pubic bones hitting, his cock getting inside my dark seed holding vagina. His balls slapping my ass as he continued his fucking. I met his fucking rhythm His moans turned louder as he fucked my sperm lubricated pussy. I was picturing Mike between my legs as John was trapped in me. I held him tight and rotated on his cock and took him to orgasm. He pulled out fast telling me that he didnít shoot cum in me, but I know better that I felt one pulse of semen shoot deep up in me. He shot the rest of his load ver my shaved pussy. Smearing his cum side to side on my pubic bone and I quickly wrapped my hand around that nice sperm laced cock and slipped it back in me before he knew it was happening.
He was upset that I pulled in his semen thinking his seed would make me pregnant.  To myself, now I have two guys fucking me in the same day and their milky white cum in me.  I reach down and squeezed his testicles as if milking his sperm into my vagina.
Night comes quickly and John leaves for another two-day trip.
I call Mike and we spend two wonderful days in bed, Mike has a thick cock and a knobby head that I can feel as it goes in me.
His cum feels hot as it splashes in my vagina. I love to fuck this guy.  His cock expands as it pulses the seed of his loins in me.
I must me nuts for doing this but I crave sex unprotected. My orgasms are stronger and get so erotic and filled with sexual fantasies feeling sperm in me.  I lay on my belly, spread my thighs, he puts a pillow under my belly, pushing my pussy up in the air opening up my vagina. He fucks me from behind and leaves his cum just inside me and between my labia. The warm cum immediately pours out and on the pillow. Before I know it I feel his tongue inside my cummed in pussy licking his sperm in and out and up to my ass. Mike turns me over, my ass on the pillow and he spread my legs so he can lick my clit and gives me a hard throbbing orgasm. I feel his lips suck on my clit and fingering my cummed in vagina.
He makes me orgasm quickly.
Its morning and I chase my lover out the door and get my adulteress pussy back in bed and dream under the warm heat blanket.
As I fall asleep my thoughts are with Mike in me and his throbbing seed bearing cock placing its sperm up my vagina.

Part 4

The next morning, at the breakfast table Kathy stopped by and chatted with me. I told her about what happened a few days ago. The day Mike nailed me good I slept through the afternoon and my husband finding me I bed alone.   Kathy was amazed I didnít get caught. Imagine if he came home early in the morning when Mike was with you. How would you explain that?
Your thighs were still sticky with his cum.
 Yeah, and my husband jumped in bed and fucked me, I told her.   It was strange to have two guys in one day.
I compared their cocks and loved the feel of each. Especially Mikes with the bigger head.  Kathy smiled at me, got quiet and asked me if she could fuck my husband. I got real quiet, and then said what the fuck, go have at him.   Let em know how he is. I have to warm you he wears condoms. Kathy just said Öyuck. !  She hated those things and so do I. There is nothing natural with a guy cumming in a condom, pulling it off and throwing it away. Not feeling the hot white fluid pumping in us, and then missing it running down our legs walking around the house after a long fuck session.  I looked at Kathy and said, imagine fucking more than one guy and have them cum deep inside, keeping our asses on a pillow and having the next guy cum in deep. There would be a nice puddle of warm semen sticking on our cervix mounds waiting to drip out of us. They could do that till they couldnít ejaculate any more. What if it was four guys? Kathy stopped me from going any further. This coffee chat time has gotten real erotic, and I Kathy was happy she didnít get knocked up from her latest affair with Jim. I reminded her of her bloodstains on my good sheets. Kathy blushed and said, better my period than a big belly in 6 months. Besides my breasts are big enough with feeding kid number one.  Jim didnít notice me bleeding heavy; it was dark in your guest bedroom. He did notice I was a lot more lubricated and wet in my pussy. I laughed at her comments. Yeah Kathy said, he was fucking me and I could feel him slip in and out with a juicy sticky fucking noise, and the blood flowed down my ass.  I was so horny getting fucked that way. My legs wrapped around him, got him in deeper, I felt him shoot in me and had my orgasm with his. My muscle contracted on his expanding cock ejaculating semen up me. His baby making sperm hit me deep inside. I could feel the quick hard jets of cum hitting my womb opening.  He never stopped between cums, just kept fucking my blood-lubricated pussy and ejaculated again in me.
Later when he pulled out I could feel warm cum and blood running out of me. He was in the bathroom and noticed his cock and balls covered with my period. He gave out a loud damn. He showered and came back to me climbed between my thighs, spread my legs and fucked me again. He would fuck my bloody pussy anytime, and I let him the next day in my own bed after my husband went to work.
I looked at Kathy and said, I didnít have my period yet, my breasts are tender and body is bloated, but no period.
Maybe Mikeís guys slipped in me. Kathy didnít know what to say.  That afternoon my husband fucked me after mike did,
my hubby did it without a condom.  He said he would pull out before cumming but I felt one shot of cum in me. I was hoping he would stay inside. I pulled a fast one on him. After he ejaculated his remaining seed on my clit and spread his cock over it I pushed it in me. He got upset.  If I were knocked up itís a race between Mike and hubbyís sperm.

We heard a knock at the kitchen door, which startled us.  It was the guys. Or should I say the men we are having our slut pussyís fucked by. I like that, slut pussy. Makes me feel nasty and horny.  Jim and Mike didnít waste any time. They wanted to do a foursome. Kathyís eyes met mine, fantasy we both said. As Mike and Jim went to my bedroom and got undressed Kathy told me about Jim cum.  He ejaculates hard and a lot. Itís like his body explodes through his cock. As we walked to my bedroom of adultery Kathy and I were already undressed. I told Kathy I wanted them both in me before she did. They were hard stiff laying on my bed. I crawled between them and we laid side by side. Feeling one cock on my belly, the other cock throbbing on my spine.  These guys meant business. They were not shy with this or with each other.
Their lips kissed my body, hands slowly massaging my skin. Hands and lips everywhere on my body. I was a little nervous at first but they sure melted away any inhibitions. Their nibbling turned into tiny bites, on my neck, my thighs my belly, legs,
And they took turns licking my pussy and clit. They both took turns giving me a tongue licking orgasm in my pussy.  My hands were squeezing my nipples, and felt my body shake.  Allís  I felt was pleasure racing through my naked body between these men.  Thinking I could stop this now and no harm done but then someoneís cock was penetrating my outer lips. His cock was hot in me. My juices from me cumming lubricated the way for his cock head. His rhythm got it deeper, short strokes in and out of my vagina. I wonít stop this. This is so much pleasure I wonít stop this cock in me. He pulled out and I felt someone else in me. I looked up and it was Jim.  Kathyís man was wrapped in my legs slipping in closer to my womb opening.
He lifted my ass on a pillow and whispered that Kathy told me to do this so his sperm would stay inside me. Jim stated his long and deep strokes of hard cock in my pussy. I felt my body crave for it. Wanting more and more of him invading my pussy. I pushed my hips toward his cock as he was fucking me, his testicles slapping on my ass. He stopped all the way in and kissed me. I reached down and squeezed the sack holding his testicles. Milking them, trying to stimulate his potent sperm. His cock throbbed hard once. I looked at Jim wish caution, did youÖ..No he said. Was I wanting him to cum in me or not. Was I doing the wrongÖhmmm Oh Jim keep doing that Oh Jim fuck me deep and hard and faster. His cock burned inside my vagina, he was ramming that pole in me faster that I ever felt. Balls slapping juices flowing. And damn Kathy was right, Jim pumped in me Hot streams of sperm, I felt it hit me deep inside and many times. His testicles were pouring semen in me filled with his baby making sperm. I yelled out keep The next thing I knew Mike was in me fucking. This was so different. New cock fucking my pussy, a mini gang bang. Jimís cum in me still warm and Mike filling the void. Kathy was opening my legs wider. That made Mike go deeper and I felt his cock head rib my tiny cervix mound.  Kathy  was rubbing his testicles as he was fucking me.  I knew he would be cumming soon and damn it happened he buried his cock in me and stayed there while he was ejaculating his semen in me. The same way Jim did. Not a drop lost. Mike cock throbbed and pulsed 5 times in me adding to Jimís sperm.  A nice sperm cock-tale going on in my vagina. I lifted my ass up a little and felt his cock head in me, wondering if he was touching Jimís sperm.

Before he got soft, pulling out a void remained, my vagina didnít close, and my pussy lips still wide open. Jim was there already with his cock fucking my whore fucking pussy. This time he showed no mercy. His body rammed me good and hard, my breasts jiggling up and down side to side. I got off and had my orgasm as he continued with this mad fuck session.
And he quickly put four more ejaculations in me and quickly pulled out for Mike to fuck me again. I lost track of time but who cares, my pussy was getting impregnated with all this sperm.  Were they taking turns 3 times or fours times between my thighs.  When it stopped. Kathy rolled next to me and kissed my lips we sucked each other tongues and she rubbed my clit to get me to orgasm. They took you 6 times each baby, you just let them in and it was wild watching you open up to their cocks and they were just putting in more of their potent milky white hot semen.  At times you yelled fuck me pregnant, fuck me till my belly swells.   My pussy did not close. It was it was waiting for more cock to fill its void and receive the fruits of those guyís loins.  With all that pounding and fucking, my bladder took a ride and had to pee.  Half way to the bathroom my vagina seeped semen and then more and then globs of a bubbly mixture of the sperm-cocktale.
I quickly peed before more ran down my leg. After seeing that, Mike got me back on my back and sent his hard-on  in my cum lubricated pussy.
He was enjoying feeling Jimís and his semen mixed in me. I spread wide, opening up my hole and let his penis slowly fuck my pussy.  This time it was a slow rhythm. His cock head on my vagina wall muscle scraping the semen, pulling it out with each stroke. Their cum dripping down to my ass hole. And then it happened. My pussy and sperm juices turned to a faint redness.
Mike looked down but knew I started my monthly.  Out loud I said; Boy Iím relieved.  I whispered to Mike that I thought he was going to be the father of my baby, when we  had unprotected sex last month and was late with my period. He was not startled at all, in fact we made the most romantic love for the rest of the morning.
The end to this was a beginning for Mike and me. We had unprotected sex every day and it finally happened.

Love,  Summer
  (residing now in Rhode Island)