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107) Fantasy Becomes Reality  Margie's boyfriend 08/20/08 
106) Forbidden Lust Margie's boyfriend 08/20/08 
105) Finding Love with Older Woman Margie's boyfriend 08/20/08 
104) Coming of Age Celebration Margie's boyfriend 08/20/08 
103) Mary's Delightful Charms -1 Margie's boyfriend 08/20/08 
102) Mary's Delightful Charms -2 Margie's boyfriend 08/20/08 
101) Surprised Again Bill M. (05/22/08) - Ex sister-in-law surprises him again!!
100) Christmas Gift Bill M. (05/22/08) - Mmmm.. very nice xmas gift
99.) Butt Sniffer Rudi (05/22/08) - I like to sniff butts, however... Wally
98.) Dancing in the Dark Mabel (02/08/08)-A cruise ship is perfect for sensuous explorations
97.) 44 yr old Lisa Shaw (02/08/08 -Mature woman fucks his brains out
96.) He emails his hot teacher Wilbur (06/24/07)
95.) He fucks a black granny Wilbur (06/24/07)
94.) A reunion in the back seat Wilbur (06/24/07)
93.) Aunty throws a party Wilbur (06/24/07)
92.) The Avon Lady Wilbur (06/24/07)
91.) 63 yr old lady particpates Wilber (06/24/07)
90.) The Flat Tire Wilbur (04/11/07)-58 yr old principal fucks former student
89.) GMILF #7-Nancy Wilbur (04/11/07)-70 yr old MILF lives her fantasy
88.) Three Generations Wilbur (04/11/07)-Guys get to fuck daughter, mom and grandmom
87.) Shell's Horny Shell (08/16/05) New contribution from Shell
86.) Most Unusual Situation Anna (12/08/03) Anna's first contribution.. it's short, but HOT
85.) Pier Pressure Shell (07/28/03) No, pier is not misspelled.  Shell wrote a hot one!
84.) Dawn-2* updated 12/08/03 * Dan H. (07/24/03)The Falling out.. good.. bad.. good again
82.) Dawn Dan H. (07/19/03) Danny sees the crack of Dawn (and gets in)
81.) Surprised Wife John M (07/14/03)John is a new contributor
80.) Art Student John M. (07/14/03)From John.. who is down under
79.) My First Saturnalia Jeanne T. (07/13/03)Another HOT story from Jeanne
78.) Store Clerk Dan H (07/12/03)A new contributor
77.) Jill and I Jeanne T. (07/04/03)Another HOT story from Jeanne
76.) Shell's First Meeting Shell (06/27/03)Short, but hot girl-girl story!!
75.) At The End of the Day Jeanne T. (06/12/03)Brand New Story - READ IT!
74.) Helping Roomie MattPheenie (06/12/03)
73.) Make Me Yours Summer HOT-HOT Story
72.) Phone Sex - Part Two Summer Summer continues her tale of phone sex
71.) Summer's Heat - Part Two Summer Summer continues her story
70.) Summer's Heat - Parts 3 & 4 Summer Summer continues her story
69.) Imagine This Summer Another hot story by Summer
68.) Phone Sex Summer Summer has phone sex
67.) Halloween Stephen Stephen's experience
66.) Summer's Heat- jarmyst5 Hot time in the ole spa.....................................
65.) My New Secretary NiteWriter Anal encounter
64.) The Proposition SciGuy Anal encounter
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63.) Anal at Last SteamyChik Anal encounter
62.) Two Days in the Sun the Writer Anal encounter
61.) First Ass Tepin Anal encounter
60.) Ass on the Beach Unknown author Anal encounter
59.) Anal Sunrise r_robert Anal encounter
58.) Anal Heaven Deeplick69 Anal encounter
57.) First Time with Barb Shoreguy Anal encounter
56.) Aunt Audrey BRB Young guy-Older woman
55.) Mother-in-Law -01 xelavie Mother-in-Law says it all
54.) Flat Tires Parris Young guy-Older woman
53.) My Anal Wife Brkndaddy Watches man butt-fuck his wife
52.) Hope Diane Another Girl-Girl
51.) A Show Hot Chocolate If you can't cum to us,  we'll bring the show to you
50.) Double the Pleasure Crystal One of Crystal's girl-girl experiences
49.) The Silent Helper Hot Chocolate The Silent Helper and the Fantasy Fulfiller
48.) Ric's Story - Part 11 Ric Ric gets some hot younger pussy!!
47.) Ric's Story - Part 10 Ric Last Call for Alcohol .. 
46.) Asian Wife's Night Out Guest Submitted by Billy
45.) My Hubby's Fantasy Guest Submitted by Michelle
44.) Merry Guest by Mike Hunt
43.) Dinner Party Guest by Candy
42.) Bill's Story Guest -
41.) Karen's Story Guest -
40.) Ric's Story - Part Nine Ric Serina the bitch
39.) Ric's Story - Part Eight Ric Feels Like the First Time
38.) Ric's Story - Part Seven Ric Mona the Whore
37.) One Day Last Summer Wendy Wendy's 8th submission... 
36.) Meeting the Neighbors Part 3 Wendy Wendy continues where she left off with Part 2
35.) Wally's Layover Wendy I was flattered that Wendy wrote this story
34.) Ric's Story - Part Six Ric More of Ric and Abigail
33.) Ric's Story - Part Five Ric More of Ric and Abigail
32.) Meeting the Neighbors Part 2 Wendy Wendy is HOT, and her stories are, too
31.) More ANAL-ized Mick Mick continues fantasizing about butt-fuckin'
30.) Ric's Story - Part Four Ric More of Ric and Abigail
29.) ANAL-ized Ric Mick fucks his wife's ass for the first time
28.) New Neighbors Wendy Wendy's 4th submission.. and it's HOT
27.) Wendy Stopped by Cop Wendy Wendy's 3rd HOT story
26.) Ric's Story - Part Three Ric Be careful what you wish for
25.) Ric's Story - Part Two Ric Oh, Abigail... you want this, don't you??
24.) Ric's Story - Part One Ric Meeting a BubbleButt Bitch
23.) How to have Anal Sex Misty Most of you guys out there should read it...
very carefully
22.) A Special Delivery Wendy HOT girl/girl sex
21.) Stool Mates BTM A hot sex story.. including anal sex 
20.) Laura's Photo Shoot Willy Wild Willy, Laura and Kathy
19.) Wendy Meets Susan Wendy HOT girl/girl sex
18.) Our Second Date Mary Even her ass loves John
17.) Pink Belly Guest With 40+ yr old Christina
16.) Sexual Learning Tool Guest With sister, Denise
15.) THE POOL Wally VERY HOT fantasy
14.) Cyber-Sex with Nina Wally Cyber-Sex experience
12.) So Much Ass-II Wally interactive collaboration
11.) So Much Ass-I Wally interactive collaboration
10.) Lucy's Appointment Wally Interactive collaboration
09.) Naughty Lucy Wally Interactive collaboration
08.) Bad Girl Lucy Wally Interactive collaboration
07.) The Impossible Dream Wally Fantasy
06.) A Quickie Wally Yep, even quickies are good
05.) Anal Attention Wally Ummmmmmmm
04.) Susan - Part 2 Wally Fantasy story never finished.... 
03.) Susan - Part 1 Wally Just one of my yesteryear fantasies
02.) Flowershop Lady Wally HOT fantasy
01.) A Cup of Coffee and a Slice of Love Wally Love that's never meant to be
00.) 1st Meeting Wally One of my very first net stories

A Tale of Two Sinndees Wally (03/00)Dug this out of archives on 02/05/04 -special request) Rev: 11/20/09

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