by Billy

This story I am about to tell you happened in the Philippines when my wife, Kim and I were stationed there with the military.  It’s been over ten years now and I’d like the tell what happened that awoke our marriage and still causes me great excitement to remember till this day.
Kim and I had met  five years prior to our assignment to the Philippines when I was stationed in South Korea. We had been to the states together and back to Korea but she wasn’t ready to return after our next Korean assignment in 1983.  Kim asked if we could stay overseas and get a long assignment somewhere in Asia.  This would allow her to visit home occasionally.  I volunteered and somehow, we ended up in the Philippines for a three-year tour.
During the first six months of out tour, Kim seemed to hate the assignment, she didn’t care for the heat and humidity and was conservative to the atmosphere of the PI.  After Kim met some other Korean women and Filipino friends, she began to take on a new look and feel about the place. Kim was and is still an attractive woman, she is  5’0 petite with  nice features, her breasts are well rounded, her legs are perfectly straight and her butt makes men’s mouth water. I noticed after about a year she was adapting to the basic Filipino house attire of shorts, and halter-top throughout the neighborhood, she was getting attention by locals and even other GIs and enjoying it.
At the same time, It seemed we were growing apart.  Kim and I began going to the bars with our respective friends every Friday or Saturday night.  I went to drink with friends from work but also occupied my time flirting with the local bar girls and there were a lot of bars to visit each weekend.
On one occasion, I noticed Kim and two of her girlfriends coming out of a disco while some GIs followed.  Kim and her friends hardly stood out as Koreans, they were all sexily dressed in short shorts or mini skirts just like the working bargirls.  I stood out of sight listening to their conversation; it seemed the GIs wanted them to run the bars with them some more.  Two of the men were really trying to coax them on.  They asked for a hug before they left. I watched as a tall drunken GI held my wife while slipping his hands down and squeezing her ass cheeks before she pushed him away playfully.  One of Kim’s friends took part of another guys tongue in her mouth as he pushed his cock into her crotch. The girls walked away from them  laughing and went on to another bar.  I stopped drinking and went home; somehow all this excited me.
Kim was slightly drunk when she arrived home an hour later.  I waited for her in bed, she asked why I wasn’t asleep since it was 1:30 a.m.  I told her what had happened and that I was excited by what I saw.  She explained to me nothing had happened with the men, it was a “tease” she and her friends went out occasionally to get free drinks and attention at the clubs.  I told her I thought she looked like a hooker and that had gotten me so excited.  Kim laughed and immediately ran her hand over the length of my cock, feeling it’s hardness in her hand, Kim was shocked by my excitement since we had not had sex lately nor wanted to.  Kim talked to me as she continued to run her hand up and down my cock.  “What makes you so excited, tell me”, I told her how I had fantasized her having sex with the men. Now her hand was inside my jockeys grasping my balls and pulling at my cock, lengthening it.  I was so excited, I flipped Kim over and ripped her button sleep shirt open exposing her 34c tits, and I could feel her excitement as I took her nipples one at a time hungrily into my mouth.
Next, her black bikini panties were off and I was licking down toward her wet pussy, I began eating her pussy as her breath shortened with each lick.  “Do you really like to see me like that, at the bar?”  I told her “definitely yes”.  She told me she liked it too.  It wasn’t long till she told me to fuck her and we fucked till her pussy was almost raw, I came twice without stopping and Kim’s orgasms were stronger each time, I know she came three times. We collapsed in each other’s arms, sweating and breathing as if we had just ran a marathon.
The next morning I awoke to the smell of coffee.  I found it on the coffee table in the living room.  Kim was busy looking through Frederick’s of Hollywood magazines.   She hadn’t bought lingerie in the past year, so I didn’t know what her interest was.  As she sifted through the pages, she asked me what would look good on her, she was pointing to outer garments this time, and some of them were outlandish. I felt my excitement growing again as I browsed the magazine; I knew what she was getting at.  Kim asked what clothing that I would pick out for her to wear to a nightclub, my fantasy was quickly becoming a reality.  I had to be certain Kim wasn’t just joking, she said she wasn’t.  We decided to pick out an ensemble each.
I chose a red spandex mini dress that haltered around the neck, it was backless and wouldn’t allow the wearing of a bra.  Kim picked out some other items of her own, not letting me see the pages, she said she would get the dress I wanted in addition.  I had to go to work an hour later with thoughts of what Kim had ordered burning in my mind.  Twice I had grown hard and had to duck out of sight at work till the hard-on was suppressed by thoughts of other things.
What made things more exciting was that Kim wouldn’t mention the clothing order again till it arrived two and a half weeks later.  She even kept it boxed till the following Friday night.  She announced when I got home from work she wanted to go out with me and she had some new clothes she wanted me to see. She asked me to unwrap each box for her starting with the smaller ones.   The first package was more of an envelope, it contained a set of 3 thongs, each one was sheer, see through and very soft.  There was a black one, red, and white. Kim asked me to pick one, so I picked black.  The next envelope contained high top fishnet stockings.  Kim took off one shoe and slipped one on, it was making me hot.  Next came the shoes, they were platform sandals, just a single strap around the heel and to the front showing the maximum of her tiny size five feet. I thought there would be a bra in the next box, but there wasn’t it was the dress I had ordered her.   Kim modeled it for me and I asked her to wear it, but she decided to wait till we were ready to go out later.
It took more than two hours for Kim to get ready that night, she made sure everything was perfect, her hair, nails, make up.  When she finally came out of the bedroom, she looked like a high priced call girl.  Her make up was a little heavy and her perfume drove me wild.   It was already 10:15 when I looked over her outfit and wanted to fuck her right there, her nipples stood out against the fabric of her spandex top, as she sat down to slip on her new heels, I could seethe top of her sexy fishnet hose and a wisp of her hot black panties.  The skirt was molded to her ass and her mound seemed to protrude sexily outward.  To tease me further, she opened her legs quickly giving me a full shot of her transparent panties clinging to her sweet bush.
We were both experiencing a kind of sexual nervousness that night.   I’d never seen Kim this erotically dressed before.  I poured us both a glass of wine to quiet our nerves before we hit the streets.  I walked behind Kim and held her, sliding my hands up to her breasts, kissing her neck.  She let out a sigh and moaned as I fingered her nipples through the top of her halter, she gasped and pushed against my cock saying she was excited and ready to go.
I was so nervous about Kim being seen that I didn’t turn on the porch light before going out to the carport.  We drove out of the way to a parking lot near the bar district.  We wanted to stay inconspicuous so, we parked the car and caught a Tricycle (Filipino sidecar motorcycle taxi).  The driver gave a Kim a long look before we got in, I was hoping that no one that we might know would see us, Kim wanted to go to a bar district that we never frequented, one that was known for topless dancers, erotic sex shows, and even opened sampled sex.
We arrived at the top hat and I almost told the driver to take us back, I knew this club, it was known for erotic sex on stage, I was hesitant of taking Kim in there.  She insisted on going so we nervously got out and walked towards the stairs.  As we entered the dimly lit room, I looked around to see approximately 12 men sitting around the bar and at nearby tables, they all seemed to move their gaze from the t-shirted girl on the stage to Kim, a couple of them smiled at her. We sat at a table on the far end, past the men and ordered a couple of drinks, Kim had a seven and seven, which I knew, was strong for her, I settled with a strong rum and coke.  I realized by looking around that Kim was the only woman inn the bar besides the local bargirls and dancers that were sitting near customers at random.
We watched the girl on stage who was probably only 19 or 20 years old pour San Miguel beer over herself to the heavy beat of rock music and the men’s cheers.  The beer quickly made her T-shirt transparent, her nipples clearly straining through the wet fabric.   Some of the men would look at Kim to watch her expression whenever the girl did something.   The girl then, took off her top, fully exposing her breasts, now only wearing a bikini bottom.  The men wanted more.  The girl finished her act and another girl appeared at the start of the next song.
Kim and I began to lose our nervousness as we drank.  Kim looked so hot; I looked at her in that tight dress everytime the stage lights would flash at our table.  The next girl was about the same age yet cuter; the guys seemed to know her from experience.  She came out with another T-shirt and asked a nearby customer to splash her with beer, an older guy shook up a bottle of beer and skirted her tits for all the men’s pleasure.  She didn’t take off her top this time because we learned she was bottomless.  She seductively placed the now empty bottle down below her on the floor pointing up.  I whispered to Kim we should go, but she grabbed my arm and said “no.”  We watched as the girl lowered herself to the bottle and pushed the bottle into her pussy, all to the rhythm of the music.  I placed my hand on Kim’s thigh and she did the same to me in anticipation of what was to come next.
The girl asked for some Pesos and a couple of men obliged.  They placed a neat stack of 6 or 7 coins on top of the bottle.  The girl proceeded to lower herself down and pick up all the coins from the bottle without dropping a single one.  This showed the men she had pussy control and would be good in bed.  This went on a couple of times, and the stack got slightly higher each time.  The girl asked for another volunteer for her final attempt and one of the men at the bar pointed to Kim to place the coins, a couple of yells followed the suggestion and Kim got up from the table.  I watched with embarrassment as Kim collected coins from guys around the room, each one looking directly at her ass and tits.  Her nipples were sticking straight out, giving each table a show of her nice tits. As she bent forward, other guys would lean forward to catch a glimpse of her panties She brought a double handful of coins to the bottle and neatly stacked them 12 pesos high.  Kim sat back down at our table and watched the girl grimace as she lowered herself to the bottle. The men were watching intently as the girl tried desperately to pick up all the coins with her pussy.   The weight of the coins was too much for her as a couple of coins fell out of her and hit the floor with a jingle.  I sensed Kim knew this was all exciting me as she slid her hand lightly over my cock as she sat down, seemingly surprised at the size of it.  My hand simultaneously brushed her panties as men gave her more lustful stares.
As the girl began picking up the coins, I motioned for Kim to get ready to leave.  Just then, the same men who had spoken before asked Kim to try the coins, again the men cheered.  I knew this was too much and told Kim “let’s go” She just swallowed her drink in one gulp and walked towards the stage.  The girl backed away to witness what was going on.  Another song started and the lights began to whirl.  Kim began a slow sensual dance to the music.  The men cheered and watched with whoops and hollers. Some of them yelled for her to strip or show her tits.  I tried to hide my eyes behind my hands before seeing Kim lowering herself behind the bottle with a full smile.  She slid her hands lightly over her tits.  She danced lower and lower in mock fashion of the previous girl, emulating the picking up of coins from the bottle.  Each time she lowered herself, she exposed her panties to all the men in the room.  I felt like she was mad drunk out of her mind for doing this but it was also causing a lot of excitement for me.  The song was tapering off now, so I took the opportunity to grab Kim by the hand and pull her towards the exit.  We herd the men groan in disappointment as we left the bar.
Kim knew by this time, I had nothing but sex on my mind.  I wanted desperately to take her home and wear out her pussy and lips.  She squeezed my hand and said “one more club”.    I figured we’d hit a disco and talk about how horny we both were.  Kim pulled me to a back street of clubs away from the more serene bars.  These clubs were for short time sex, blowjobs, and open sex.  Kim wanted to go into the Smut Hut; I pulled away at first because I didn’t think she belonged in there. I changed my mind when Kim whispered in my ear she wanted to go to a hotel after this bar.  Also, the thought of sex starved men eyeing Kim like a hot bargirl made me want to flaunt her more.   We went in and decided to sit at the bar.
Behind the bar were several topless women dancing to an Abba song.   There were mirrors all around the bar with some on the ceiling.  I watched with interest as a guy took a drunk girl to a back room for sex. Although it was kind of crowded n this side of the room, I spotted some women and men at nearby table booths fondling each other.  All the girls in the club wore either a long T-shirt with bikini bottom or just the provided club micro bikini.  The name “smut Hut” was stenciled across the ass of the bikini bottoms. We ordered drinks and started to get into the music.  The sound changed to hard rock of Bon Jovi.  Kim was wiggling on her stool t o the beat and moved her hand to my crotch again while nodding to what was going on in a darkened corner.  A girl with long hair was sucking off a man below a table.  Kim’s hand glided over my cock as she asked, “do you want some of that tonight?” I moaned yes as I slid my hand gently against her mound.
We heard some more men come into the bar, they were louder than the rest.   Apparently they were Navy men from Subic Navy station, I heard them Talking loudly about liberty. I ignored them, knowing they had already had a few drinks before getting here.  I began to order a final round of drinks for Kim and I when I felt her shove over to my stool. I quickly looked over to see one of the Navy guys sharing Kim’s stool and saying “hi cutie, can I share your seat?”  He also was running his hand all over Kim’s ass.   I started to get up and tell him to get off when Kim pulled me back.  The sailor introduced himself as Glen and told Kim she was the prettiest girl there, he also remarked on how Asian she looked, not very Filipino, and that he really liked her look.  I stayed quiet not knowing what to do.  Kim thanked him and told him that I had already bought her a drink but didn’t mind more company.  We introduced ourselves to each other not letting on that Kim and I were married.
Glens friends asked if he was going to join them in the next bar over, Glen declined the offer saying he might already have a nice catch for the night.  His friends left reluctantly. Glen ordered us drinks and excused himself to the bathroom.  I asked Kim what was going on and he just said does this turn me off?  Again her hand went closer to my groin, I answered no, and I am excited but worry that you might not be comfortable.  Kim just told me she was really excited tonight and said “let him play a little” I nodded ok as Glen brought our drinks, I noticed Kim had a margarita drink, I knew that made her wild.
As we drank and talked, Glen became more and more liberal with his hand.  Soon, his hand had moved from Kim’s ass and had moved to her right breast.  He would slide his hand against the side of the thin material, cup her breast and run a finger quickly over her nipple.  Whenever he did so, she would gasp with excitement.  Kim had her hands on each of our thighs, I was feeling her ass, searching for her thong.  She felt so hot.  I asked her again if everything was ok, she just whispered “yes” into my ear.   The three of us were all getting slowly drunk with the alcohol and with the excitement of Kim.  Kim began talking more, and becoming more honest.  Finally, Kim said she needed to tell Glen something and they both stepped off  to the end of the bar , near the bathroom.  Glen’s face looked surprised and he began looking at me while Kim talked.  When they came back to the table Glen motioned to talk to me also.  I felt dumb but followed him over to the same place as he spilled the beans.  He told me that Kim confessed we were married, I looked down at the ground as he told me,, but looked him into the eyes when his conversation followed.  He said that he told Kim he was sorry , he didn’t know, he apologized to me and confessed that he had just gotten liberty after a 5 month cruise, that’s why he was so aggressive.  Lastly he told me that Kim said she didn’t mind any of this as long as everyone was having a good time and that I didn’t mind.. Glen said he was going back to Subic the next morning and that this was his last trip to Angeles City before he changed station to Hawaii.
I finally nodded ok and saw Kim smile as we returned to our seats.   Kim asked me once more,  “everything ok?” I said yes and played with her ass some more.   With neither man knowing what to do, Kim made the suggestion we move to a booth, we both readily agreed. I picked one in an opposite corned, darker than the rest.  It had cafeteria styled seats , big enough to seat 5 people for dinner.  Kim sat in the corner of the booth with each of us on either side of her.   A waitress brought us more drinks and just commented “ do you want an extra friend” we returned her smile with a shake of our heads.
As the music slowed to a couples pace, Glen and I began working on Kim’s tit s and ass again.  She returned the favor by sliding her hands down our thighs.   Kim seemed the drunkest of all of us, she started verbalizing what she liked in men more and more,  and when Glen fingered her nipples she moaned and let out a gasp.  Soon Kim slid her hand over each of our cocks and exclaimed” same size, double delight!” Luckily we were near a speaker, no one heard us. I watched as a Filipino girl took a mans cock into her mouth while he eyed us from across our table.   Glen and I managed to get Kim’s legs spread and over each of our knees.  Glen was sliding his hands down her thigh peeking a finger into Kim’s panties, feeling her wet pussy.  Kim answered with a squeeze of our cocks and thrust her pussy more forward.   Kim was enjoying this immensely and so was Glen and I.   I knew she couldn’t stand much more of Glen’s rubbing her clit and my fingering her nipples inside of her spandex top.  Finally she asked  “what do you guys want to do?” she was moaning the words” Glen and I looked at each other not knowing who would speak first,, finally Kim moaned and said “ you both want to fuck me?”  Glen and I shocked by her words, just nodded yes.  Kim closed her legs and said “let’s go some place then.”
We immediately got ourselves together and head out towards the motel district behind the clubs.  We could barely hear the offbeat music of the bars as we came upon one of the better of the sleazy motels.  Glen stayed off to the corner of the motel while I approached the receptionist window inside the door with Kim.  We got our room and motioned glen to follow. The inside of the place was standard for short time sex in the area.  It had a waterbed, some rattan furniture, stereo, and mirrors everywhere.  Even the shower was of an exhibitionist nature, it had a fogged type glass that allowed the person in adjoining room to watch the person in the shower.
We didn’t waste much time in the room, still feeling much sexual electricity from the club; we quickly got back into the scheme of sex.  Glen stood behind Kim, letting his hands travel up and down her breasts as he kissed her neck, I set the stereo on to a soft jazz station and turned on the TV.  intense sex movie was playing,  ironically  it had a threesome going with one girl and two men, all well proportioned.  I set the table lamp low and watched Glen and Kim caress as I took off my shoes, pants and shirt.  Glen was busy fumbling at his own clothes as he continued kissing Kim.
Glen and I were only wearing boxers and Kim began to take off her shoes but Glen stopped her asking if he could take off her clothes.  Kim relaxed as Glen unclasped the halter tab behind her neck.  I watched with great excitement as the halter slowly fell, exposing Kim’s perky nipples and well-rounded breasts. Glen immediately hovered in on her nipples with his tongue while he peeled away the dress.  Kim gasped with excitement  with Glen’s manipulation of her nipples, he squeezed her soft tits and sucked even more. Glen lowered himself more commenting how nice her tits and ass were, while he kissed all around her tiny thong.  I felt myself fully harden as Glen seated Kim in the center of a Rattan pappa san chair, She looked like a little girl awaiting her first sexual experience, the chair was so big compared to her petite frame.
Glen removed her shoes seductively, kissing her toes and ankles, he next began to pull at her thong very slowing,  telling her that he had wanted this for a long time.  As Kim’s thong rolled slowly down, I was shocked to see her pussy was completely shaved, that’s why it had taken her so long to get ready earlier in the evening.  With her panties aside, Kim looked more the part of a teenage schoolgirl than ever before.  Glen said “keep the hose on, it makes you look so hot” while he placed each of her feet apart in the frame of the chair.  He then placed a pillow underneath her ass as she leaned back for what was to come.  I watched in the side mirror as Glens head sunk between Kim’s legs, Her expressions changing rapidly to Glens expert tongue.  Kim let out moan after moan while Glen ate her sweet pussy like it was honey.
Kim motioned for me to come near her, I did, my cock half-erect.  Kim pulled me to her lips, taking my cock into her mouth.  She sucked and let out moans in tempo with Glens tongue manipulations on her clit.  It felt so good to feel Kim pump my cock in and out her mouth, her tongue swirling around the head, rarely had she given me head at home and never this good!  Glen pushed back Kim’s legs high into the air so he could probe her ass with his tongue, this made Kim moan louder and she now made slurping sounds as she ravished my cock, I felt the first tingle of precum as Kim devoured me.  I pulled away in time before cumming, Glen was talking to her now, asking her how she liked her ass penetrated, she said she loved it., Kim pulled my cock into her mouth again and Glen probed her ass with his index finger, while he went down on her pussy again with his tongue, Kim was in Horny heaven, she couldn’t get enough.
Glen slowly pierced Kim’s asshole with his index finger making her squirm while he spread her labia and concentrated with his tongue on her clit.  All this was too muck for Kim, she let go of my cock with her sweet lips , letting out a cry of sheer pleasure while she pumped her pussy into Glens hungry mouth.  She e moaned and moan, cumming  so hard I felt her shake in the chair.  Glen gently wound her down with kisses to her pussy, nipples and finally her lips.  I knew that Kim must have been heard  through the thin walls but this was a love motel anyway.
Glen and I looked  at each other for the first time as if deciding on who would cum next.  Glen glanced at the king-size waterbed and somehow we knew the next step.  Glen carried Kim to the bed and placed her on it with her legs high in the air. I watched several mirror angles as he stood and slid his cock over her pussy fold, sliding along her slickness while he manipulated her legs to get the best friction for his cock. He pulled her hose off quickly commenting on how he liked Kim fully naked, how hot she was and how much he wanted to fuck her.
I felt that now, Kim was delirious with pleasure as I approached her from the side as if she was an all night fucktoy, a whore of my own dreams.  I stepped along side of her and pushed my aching cock towards her lips.  She again, took my manhood into her mouth deep and with great sensuality.  I watched the side mirror, moaning with pleasure as she pumped my cock to full erection.  Glen was now filling Kim with his cock and she was loving it!  Glen nibbled at her toes as he plunged into her with slow rhythm.  Glen kept saying of how tight  and hot she was. Kim  looked as horny as ever, she arched her back to meet his thrusts and sucked my cock deep and in rhythm with Glens thrusts.  Glen backed off from cumming a couple of times, trying to save his load till Kim was in just the right level of pleasure,
Glen stopped fucking Kim and asked her to get on the bed doggy position.  I pulled my cock from her mouth although I was seconds away from shooting my load.  Glen pulled up pillows lying around the room and bed and placed them under Kim’s pussy. He asked me to get on the bed in front of her.  Glen positioned Kim so that she could suck me without having to strain.  Glen played with her nipples and ass and asked her if she was still horny.  Kim said yes quietly.  Glen rubbed her wet clit with his hand while closing in on her with his cock and asked her again if she wanted it. Again she said slowly “yesss”.   Glen rubbed his cock around her pussy , playing with the opening and nudged her towards my hard cock.    “Suck your husbands cock and I’ll give you what you want.  Kim eagerly took my cock into her mouth. I felt her hot and quickened breath as she enveloped my tool.  Now lick his balls, make them wet.  I saw in the rear mirror Glen thumbing her ass and pinching her nipples with the other hand.
Kim stuck her tongue out as far so she could reach my balls and began licking them with pleasure.   Glen pushed his cock in her pussy slightly and pulled out again.  Kim sighed as if she had been let down. You want my cock Kim? Tell me nice and loud. Tell me.  Kim was So fucking horny, I knew she would do anything, she  loudly said “GIVE ME YOUR COCK”.  Use some dirty words Kim.  “FUCK MY PUSSY”,  That’s a good girl, now take your husbands cock and suck it good, and if you don’t moan loud, I’ll stop.
Kim took my cock in her mouth hungrily.  Glen proceeded to push all of his cock into her, and Kim moaned with delight.  Glen pinched her nipples while demanding that she moan louder.  Soon, glen was stroking his big cock all  the way into her still slowly in order to save the pleasure that was building. Kim barley lost a stroke on my cock and I could feel my load beginning to build.  Glen was having a great time stroking her pussy and telling her what a good fuck she was. I watched as he worked his thumb all the way into Kim’s ass, making her squirm and moan louder.  “ God you have tight ass Kim”  “You like that don’t you?” Kim nodded,, There was no holding back on her now.  “use your ass, fuck my finger and my cock at the same time”  Kim complied and taking my precum at the same time.  “Kim, tell me to fuck your ass”  She didn’t say anything, just kept pumping against his cock and thumb’  Glen rubbed her nipples again and slapped her pussy hard and with a few quick thrusts making her moan out again.  “come on baby I know you want it, tell me now”  Fuck my ass”  “Louder’,  FUCK MY ASS”, Glen began working his cock into Kim very slowing she nearly cried with the initial pain, but Glen was gentle and asked her to relax.  Soon he was fully into her and the pain magically went away.  Glen began some slow strokes and asked her if she was ok, she said yes.
Kim went back to my cock and took it in a third time. I knew I would last long this time,  the whole scene was too hot!  Kim again began to moan as Glens strokes became longer and with more power.  “your ass is the tightest”, Damn.”  Everyone was in rhythm now, Kim was moaning and slurping my cock, Glen was finger Kim’s nipples as she thrust her ass towards his cock, I could hear his balls slap her pussy with each stroke. “are you ready Kim?  Are you ready for all of me?  “YES, fuck me , Fuck me” she said.  Glen pulled his from Kim’s as s and pushed it deep into her pussy once more.  Now show me how much you want cock”  Kim pushed as hard against Glens cock as he did her, it was incredibly loud.  Glen began spanking Kim’s ass he felt his cock ready to explode. This just made her louder. I was getting ready to shoot my load ass well.  Glen cried out as he shot his load deep with in Kim. Seconds later I came into her mouth, Glen told her to drink it all.  She did and I mean a lot of cum.  I felt as if I was cumming for minutes.  Next it was Kim’s turn as she yelled out “FUCKKKKK” and came with the last of Glens hardon..