by John M.

Some months ago while we were  staying at a motel in another town, my wife was caught dressed in just her panties by a maintenance man. She had been out shopping, and when she returned to the motel I didnít think to tell her that Jim, a 60 or 65 year old maintenance man was in the bathroom fixing a leaking tap she had earlier complained about.

As she had come into the suite, I went out to the car looking for some maps, and unknown to me she proceeded to get undressed and ready to shower, completely oblivious to Jimís presence in the bathroom. When I walked back in she was standing near the bathroom doorway in just her clingy white lycra undies. As I walked in she turned looking at me as she reached for the bathroom door knob, but in the instant I was about to warn her not to open the door, I suddenly felt a rush of excitement at the prospect of her being caught almost naked. In that moment she could see my mouth half open anticipating I was about to say something, and so she just opened the door whilst still facing me, but also then revealing her almost naked self to Jimís wide eyed gaze.

In an instant I felt the firmness growing in my pants as Jimís gaze rapidly shifted from one part of her nearly nude body to another, his eyes darting from her soft white tits to her slightly potty belly, and to the crotch of her panties tightly hugging and perfectly outlining the neat folds her smoothly shaved pussy. I still hadnít spoken a word when she sensed his presence and turned fully to face him squatting just a few feet from her.

She let out a short gasp as she was startled by his presence, but surprisingly, made no real attempt to cover herself or to close the door again. She simply turned to me and asked why I hadnít told her we had someone in the room with us.

Jim stood up and apologised, but he couldnít take his eyes off her gorgeous well rounded body. My wife nervously began to talk to him about the dripping tap and explained how it had kept her awake half the night. Soon she was standing there with him having a normal conversation and I could tell she was enjoying the attention she was getting. I watched as her shiny and flimsy panties perfectly showed off her full bottom, the fabric creasing and crawling tightly into her bodyís wonderful crevices. I could tell she was really turned on when she squatted down right in front of Jim to look at a section of pipe under the basin, spreading her legs as wide as she could. She was facing away from me but I could see Jimís eyes fixed between her legs right in font of him.

When he eventually left after about another 10 or 15 minutes, my wife was still in just her panties, the wetness at her crotch now clearly visible. I too was horny as hell and we went at it like we hadnít in many years.

A couple of weeks after returning home we found ourselves going over some photos of our trip, and came across a shot taken in the motel room. We had both had a few glasses of wine and were a bit bolder than usual. When I mentioned the incident with Jim, my wife instantly blushed and tried to change the topic. But when I told her how horny it had made me seeing her nearly naked in front of a stranger - especially someone 30 or so years older that us who would not often have a chance to see a young woman undressed like that - she conceded that she had been really turned on exposing herself, and that she only regretted not having earlier removed her panties and showing herself off completely naked when she had opened the door to Jim.

My wife turns 29 in a few months, and being almost 10 years younger than me I tend to notice when other guys look at her. She is a gorgeous woman but not a supermodel or anything like that. More your classic girl next door type. She has mousy shoulder length hair, is about average height, a touch overweight, but with a great body. She has pure creamy skin all over, and keeps herself cleanly shaved all the time. Her well rounded and peachy bum is a sensation, as is her cute and sexy smooth  pussy.

Over a few more wines that night my wife and I further explored this little shared fantasy we had discovered, and soon agreed we should set up a situation where she could accidentally get caught naked by a stranger. We decided that we should pick an older man, someone divorced or widowed who would really appreciate seeing her naked, maybe even letting him get a feel if things panned out right.

We figured our home would be safest, and to add excitement, that I should remain out of sight. To lure someone, we started looking in the local classifieds for retired men advertising as gardeners or maintenance men or whatever. We picked a few possible candidates and made some calls looking out for men who sounded older. Eventually we came across Edís advert, a wood polish salesman who sounded just right. When I rang I spoke to a woman who sounded about 35 or 40, and when I asked for Ed she called out to her kids asking them where Grandpa was. She told me he was out and to leave a number for him to call back on.

The phone rang about 20 minutes later, and as we had earlier rehearsed, I got my wife to answer the call. She nodded to me that it was Ed, and gave me the thumbs up sign indicating he sounded just right. She pretended to call out to me as if I were in another room, and then put the phone down with the mouth piece facing up. I then stood near to the phone Ė knowing my voice would easily be heard by Ed Ė and called out to my wife to put some clothes on, asking her why she was walking around the house naked. She then called back that it was her house too, and that she liked being nude at home. I responded by saying that Mike and Tim (2 fictitious characters) were coming over at any minute and that she should at least put on some panties or something. She called back saying ďalright, alrightĒ, then saying she was sure Mike and Tim had seen a nude woman before and that they might enjoy it.

I then picked up the phone saying hello as if I didnít know who was there. Ed introduced himself to me and we began talking about the faded timber floor in our family room, as well as some of our worn and tired looking timber furniture. He assured me had the right products for us, and virtually insisted we make an appointment for him to come over in a couple of days time. He certainly seemed very keen to come over!

On the afternoon of Edís appointment, my wife showered, and using a hair removal cream she made sure she was completely smooth and hair free from her pussy to her cute little pouting anus. She spent some time pampering herself and powdering her body all over, giving her creamy smooth flesh an even more delectable soft appearance. We set the house up perfectly. I would remain in the bedroom, and from there could venture out to the formal room from which I could observe the kitchen and family room where Ed would be led. TVís were left on in the bedroom and family room to mask any noise I might accidentally make.

We drew the lace curtains in the front lounge so we could look out privately, and I also positioned a full length mirror in the hallway opposite the front door. This was angled so that when my wife opened the front door to look out, Ed would be able to look into the reflection of the mirror and see that my wife was naked. That way he could know before he got in if he wanted to be a part of this.

Ed ran a bout 5 or 6 minutes late, but eventually pulled into our driveway. My wife standing next to me became very nervous but very excited at what we were about to do. We watched Ed get a few things from his car, and we agreed that he was a perfect candidate. He was about 60, balding, a bit overweight, and had a friendly happy look about him.

I went to our bedroom and partly closed the door. From there I would be able to see my naked wife when she answered the door, and she could glance at me also without Ed knowing I was there. When the doorbell rung she came over to me acting very nervous and excited and asked if I was sure I wanted to do this. I looked at her and told her that I was if she was. She glanced at me with a mischievous look in her eye as she walked back to the front door.

The bell rung again, and she opened the door slightly keeping her body shielded from his view. I could make out Ed was asking for me, and when she replied that I was out for a while, he seemed a little disappointed, and almost sounded as if he would leave. My wife then allowed the door to open further giving a gap of about a foot or so. I knew instantly that Ed would have now seen her naked reflection in the mirror, and could tell by the change in the sound of his voice that he had seen her.

My wife engaged him in conversation saying that I had gone out but that I had not said anything about the wood polish demonstration. She offered to call me on the phone, but Ed interjected and asked if she wanted to see the demonstration herself. This was the moment of truth. We both knew he could see that she was completely naked behind the door, and that he wanted to come inside. My wife hesitated for a moment, and glanced up at me. I nodded my approval, and she turned back to Ed and said something like, well, I guess I can trust you.

With that she opened the door almost all the way, but kept herself concealed behind it. Ed walking in and as she closed the door she was revealed completely and totally naked to him. He didnít say a word, and my wife simply said ďthis wayĒ to him as she led him to the family room. He followed her closely and I watched as he walked behind her taking in the sight of that beautiful smooth  and perfectly rounded bottom as it gently wiggled from side to side with every step she took.

I quietly made my way to the formal room, and through the slats in the servery I was able to view the entire kitchen and family room to where the two of them had come. Ed followed my wife to the kitchen where she offered to make him some tea. They began chatting about the weather and being busy and all that other small talk stuff people go on about. But not once did he refer to her state of nudity. From my safe vantage point I could see that he did not take his eyes of her once.

When they got to the family room where Ed was going to demonstrate his products, my wife began tidying up whilst he got his stuff out of his bags. She made sure to face away from him as she would bend over picking things up and moving them around. At one point she bent over just inches from his face and stayed in that position as she pretended to try to rub off a mark on the floor. His gaze was fixed on her spread buns as he leaned in closer examining her most intimate parts.

By now I was totally boned up and turned on like I had never been before. I could see my wifeís pussy was now swollen and glistening along her slit as her pussy lips began to open up. When Ed started applying some wax to the floor, she came up and squatted right in front of him with her legs fully parted and her pussy now red and wide open. He applied the wax in a direction closer to her and I soon realised he was actually rubbing it on the floor under where she was squatting.

He began to loose his concentration and I could tell he wasnít able to do the presentation thing anymore. My wife then picked up a small spray can he had with him and asked what it was for. He explained that it was used for cleaning built up grime on floors, and then when he gazed down between her legs again she let it fall from her grip and roll under the sofa a few feet away.

 When he motioned to retrieve it my wife interjected and said, ďno, Iíll get itĒ, and moved towards the sofa on her hands and knees. This was a sight to behold. She looked so sexy and vulnerable crawling naked along the floor in front of him. She positioned herself with her sexy tail facing him and dropped her face down to the floor as she reached in under the sofa. In doing this she pushed her ass out as far as she could, her knees fully parted and her pussy and anus completely exposed to Edís gaze. She acted as if she couldnít reach it, and Ed moved up behind her placing his face within licking range of her spread buns.

I watched as he rested a hand on her lower back as he looked down under the sofa. Slowly his hand began to slide over her back and then down over her smooth buns. When my wife retrieved the can and stood up Ed continued running his hand over her bottom. She just smiled and didnít protest and soon he was softly running both hands over her entire nude body. I could see his finger sliding along the smooth slippery gash of her swollen pussy and by now she was softly moaning at the pleasure of his touch.

She reached out to him and he led her hand to his bulge in his pants. When she began undoing his fly and belt he slid back onto the sofa as she released his firm cock from the throws of his pants. My wife gestured for him to lie down as she now straddled his face whilst gently stroking and squeezing his dick. His tongue was buried in her spread ass and it seemed to me that he was licking her from anus to pussy and everywhere in between.

My wife was soon jerking him off and within about a minute he shot a handsome load all over her hands as she began to lead up to her own orgasm. I was timing with her, and about 2 or 3 minutes later she came as I let my load blow all over the floor and wall.

John M