by: Wilbur -
Four thirty-something guys have a van and a camcorder. They cruise the malls and other public gathering places looking for attractive mature women with the goal of fucking them. (Grandmothers Iíd like to Fuck)  They are driving by a large church when they see an attractive mature lady walking across the parking lot to her car. She is dressed in a dark red jacket and skirt, bra, panties, pullup stockings, and red heels. She is age 70, 5í6Ē, 148 lbs., 42D-35-40, glasses, silver hair. They slowly pull up beside her as she walks. She looks up.

G: Pardon me, maíam!  Iíd like to ask you something! (smiles)

L: (she smiles) Yes, what is it, young man?

G: We are a survey team interviewing attractive mature ladies, and wondered if youíd have some time to share with us!

L: Survey?  What kind of survey?  (curious)

G: Well, maíam, we seek to find out how comfortable attractive mature ladies like yourself can be with thirty-something guys like us! (smiles)

L: You think Iím attractive? (smiles, flushes)

G: Yes, maíam! All four of us guys noticed you as we drove by!

L: There are three more of you there in the van? (smiles)

G: Yes, maíam! (other three poke their heads out the window and speak to the lady)

L: Oh, yes, I see you fellows!  Well . . . How long would this survey take?

G: We could wrap it up in about an hour or so!  We have an office not far from here where weíll do the interview. And weíll pay you $100 for your time!  How does that sound? (smiles)

L: Well . . . Iíve got an hour . . . Can I trust you guys ?   (smiles, sheepishly)

G: You bet, maíam.  Weíre going to videotape everything so youíll know we are professional!

L: Well . . . okay!  Iíll do it!  Shall I get in the van? (smiles)

G: Yes, maíam! (van door slides open, two sets of arms assist lady up into the van, and all the guys notice her attractive legs revealed when she steps up and inside. The two guys in the bench seat place her between them)

L: Well, this is kind of exciting!  Four young guys! (smiles, nervously)

G: Yes, maíam! Let me introduce ourselves:  Iím Guy, the producer, our driver is Mack, and these two gentlemen are Pete and Carl.  (they shake her hand)

L: Iím Nancy! Glad to meet you young men!

G: Nancy, we think youíre very pretty! Do you mind revealing your age?  (smiles)

L: (flushes) Iím 70!
(all the guys show disbelief)

C: We canít believe youíre 70, Nancy!  You must take really good care of yourself!

P: Nancy, you have beautiful legs; I noticed as you got into the van!

L: (flushes) Oh, Pete, thank you!  Youíre very nice! Iím feeling very welcome here! (smiles)

C: As we drive to our office, would you like to have a foot massage? (smiles)

L: Well, . . . Yes. . . That would be nice . . . These heels kind of make my feet tired . . .

C: (gently removes one shoe; Pete removes other; they begin massaging her stocking-clad feet)

L:  Ummm . . .  That feels really good, guys! (they gradually move up her ankle, then to her calf, continuing the massage)

L: What a great coincidence -- my running into you young men! (smiles)

G: We think we are the fortunate ones, Nancy! I think youíre going to enjoy the survey!
 (now her upper calves and knees are being rubbed; her skirt rides up, revealing lower part of thighs, and legs part a bit, allowing camera a look up her dress)

L: Ummm . . . Do you do this for all of your survey ladies?

P: We try to make them feel very comfortable, Nancy! Are we doing that, honey? (smiles)

L: (looks up at him affectionately) Oh, yes, Pete, Iím actually getting kind of turned on by your massage! (she sighs; all guys wink knowingly at each other; Peteís hands begin to stroke her lower thigh; Carl does likewise; skirt rises and parts some more; mid-thighs are revealed; panty-crotch is visible to camera. Mack informs group that they have arrived at the ďofficeĒ. Guys help N. rearrange her skirt, restore her shoes, and all exit van and enter the guysí apartment, where there is soft furniture around. They have her sit between the two guys on a long couch)

G: Well, here we are N. and we can get into the personal phase of the interview!

P: Would you like for us to continue the foot and leg massage, N?  (smiles)

L: Well, yes, P!  That was really great!  (she parts her legs a little; guys begin to stroke and rub her lower thighs and skirt is back up and parted. Their hands are moving toward her crotch)

P: Weíre going to get more comfortable, N., and remove our shirts here! (smiles; he and C remove their polo shirts, revealing muscular chests and pecs)

L: Ohhh . . . . You guys are really built!  This is exciting!

C: Would you like to feel our bare chests, N? (smiles; takes one of her hands)

L: Oh, really?  Well. . . Yes, I would! (smiles; she begins to feel Cís bare chest; follows suit with Peteís) Oh, now this is really exciting stuff, guys!  I didnít realize weíd be doing this! (smiles; guys are closer to her crotch) Ummm . . . That is feeling good, too!

G: Do you like feeling those bare chests, N?

L: Oh, yes, G!  Itís exciting!

G: Would you want to return the favor?  (smiles)

L: Return the favor?  Oh . . . You mean . . . you mean show my bare chest?  Oh  my gosh!  Would you really want to see my . . . breasts?

G: You are a beautiful lady, N!  And we bet your breasts are beautiful, too!

L: Wow! Weíre really getting intimate here, and naughty, arenít we? (smiles) But Iím really getting aroused! Can an old lady say that? (smiles, flushes; sitting there with her legs spread and skirt up to top of thighs, her panty-crotch visible; two guys rubbing her inner thighs)

C: Sure, N! Thatís natural! Weíre in a private setting! And no one else will know what we do here!

L: You all wonít tell anybody, will you? Especially my husband!!

C: Of course not, Nancy!  It will between you and us! (smiles)

L: Well . . .I guess I should be a good sport here, right? (smiles) And show you my chest?
(all guys concur)  Wow, this is really naughty! . . .  (smiles) But Iím feeling daring today, for some reason. . .Okay, Iíll show you my breasts! (smiles, nervously, reaches down, unbuttons suit jacket, lifts it off, revealing 42D bra-covered breasts)

G: Looking good, N!

P: Very nice, pretty lady!

L: (reaches back, unclasps bra, lifts it up and off, and bare boobs tumble out)  Here they are, gentlemen!  What do you think of these boobies? (smiles, face flushes, she is topless; 42D boobs jiggle; applause from the guys)

G: They are marvelous, N!

P: Just fabulous!  Could I touch them? (smiles)

L: Uhhh . . .  sure, Pete, honey!

P: (begins to gently fondle one of the 42D breasts, tweaking the nipple, which immediately becomes hard. She shudders)

L: Oh, woww . . . That feels soooo erotic, P! (smiles at him)

C: May I, sweet lady?  (she nods; he begins to feel the other breast; her thighs and panty-crotch are fully revealed now, and both guysí hands have now reached her panty crotch, and they begin gently to rub there)

L: Ohhh . . . Iím getting all kinds of good feelings here, fellows! I canít believe Iím doing this! (smiles) Iím really getting naughty!! Ummmm . . . .

P: (after a few minutes, leans down and begins to lick around the nipple)

L: Ohhhhh my God!!!  . . . This is incredible! Ohhhhhhhhhhh!

C: (gently pulls her panty crotch aside, and begins to run his finger up and down her pussy lips)

L: Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!  Wowwwwww! (the 70-year-old grandmother is having her bare boobs fondled, licked and sucked, and her bare pussy stimulated)

P: (leans over and kisses N full on the mouth, very sensuously; she responds warmly in arousal; after a bit, he inserts his tongue, which she gladly welcomes; they continue this for about 4 minutes)

C: Now, weíd like to show you some packages!

L: (reluctantly breaks away from the kiss) Oh?

C: We want to show you something here that I think youíre going to like! (he pulls down his trousers, then his briefs, revealing his hardening bare cock, and places her hand on it)

L: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Your . . . Your . . . bare penis!  My gosh!  Oh, it feels good!

P: (pulls down his jeans and briefs, and puts her hand on his ďpackageĒ.) Hereís another one, honey!

L: (she is squeezing two naked cocks) Oh, my God!  I never dreamed the survey would be like this! I guess weíre ďfeeling comfortable with each other nowĒ, huh?  (giggles; her bare tits jiggle as she laughs)

C: Yes, we are, honey! I love the way youíre feeling of my cock!  Ummmmm! (he continues to stroke her pussy lips and has two fingers inside the very wet vulva)

L: Ohhhh . . . That feels really good! umm .. .Weíre all getting hot here, arenít we, guys?  Uhhhhh . . ..

C: Shall I remove your panties honey?

L: Uhhh . . .  Oh yes, Carl!  Sure! (she lifts up her bum, allowing him to slide her panties off her hips and down her thighs, over knees, and down legs. Only her skirt remains, and Pete unzips and removes that)  Ohhhh . . .  Iím naked here, arenít I, fellows! I canít believe Iím doing this. . . This is so naughty!  I canít help myself. . .I am just so turned on here with you guys!  Ummmm!!!

C: (has three fingers in her very wet pussy) Have you ever wanted to have a young manís penis in your mouth, N?  (smiles)

L: Ohhhh, C!  The thought of that makes me very hot and wet!  I think I would!

C: (points his hard cock near her mouth; she grasps it with one hand, and begins to lick up and down the shaft and over the corona) Ohhhh. . . Baaaaby!  That is fantastic! (she begins gently sucking as she gets more familiar with the process; after about 3 minutes, C removes his cock from her mouth, P steps away, and C mounts the 70-year-old grandmother, pointing his rock-hard cock into her wet cunt, and slides it all the way in)

L: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!  C., baby! Your cock is inside me!  Ohhh, it feels so gooodddd!!! Uhhhhh . . .  Uhhhhhhh!!!!

P: (continues to fondle her breasts and French-kiss and she begins a slow, then faster fuck with C.

C: Oh, N, your cunt is so warm and tight!  You are one hot lady! Uhhh . . . Uhhh . . .

L: I am one naughty lady, baby!  I love your cock!    It feels great, honey!!  Uhhhh . . . Uhhhh . . . Fuck meeeeee!!!! (they bounce around in sexual abandon, and her 42D tits bounce and jiggle;they fuck for about 5 minutes, and C says)

C: Ohhh, Nancy, Iím going to come!!!  What shall I do with my cock?

L: Just keep it in there, honey!  I want your come, sweetheart! Give it to me!  Uhhh  . . . !!

C: Okay, sweet lady!  Here it commmmmmmes . . . . .!!!  Uhhh . . .uhhh . . .uhhhh . Uhhhh

L: Ohhhhhhhhhhh . .  .. Yesssss . . . .uhhhhhhh!!!!  Uhhhhhh . . . (the two thrash and bounce around for another five minutes, and finally, they quiet down)

C: Wow, grandma!  You are one hot fucker!  You are a sex machine!

L: Well, thank you, young stud! I loved your nice hard cock, too!! (smiles, kisses him warmly)

G: Well, Nancy, do we need to get you back to your car, honey?

L: No, G., actually, my husband is out of town for four days, and I am in no hurry to be anywhere!  And Iíve been thinking . . . Do you mind if I stick around here for awhile and fuck you other three guys?  (smiles)

C: All three:  Of course, Nancy!  That would be great!  Wonderful!

L: I think you all have awakened my ďinner slutĒ.  I want more of your young cock, fellows! (smiles) Iíll just jump in the shower and clean up, and Iíll take another one of you on, okay?

(Unanimous agreement; she picks up her clothes, strewn all over the couch, and takes them into the bathroom. She takes a brief, warm shower and cleans herself up; towels off, and rejoins the guys in the kitchen. She is buck naked) Now, I feel refreshed!

(the guys are amazed at their good fortune to have this attractive, 70-year-old grandmother buck naked in their presence, and so hot to fuck them all)

L: Well, fellows, this horny grandmother is ready to fuck again!  Who wants to plow my field? (smiles)

M: I would love to make love to you, sweet lady!

L: (goes over, nakedly embraces the young man, and begins to undress him) Letís get your clothes off here, young stud, so I can do you justice! (smiles; soon she has him undressed, and they sit down on couch; she grasps his hard cock and begins to pump)

M: Wowww. . . Nancy, you are some kind of hot babe! (begins to fondle her boobs)

L: I think Iím some kind of slut, Mack, honey. . . But letís make the most of it here!  (she leans down, licks up and down the shaft of his penis, over the corona, and soon is sucking vigorously)

M: Ohhhhh . . . Wowww, honey, you are some cocksucker!!!

L: Iím learning fast, Mack.  I never did it before today!  Umph! Umph!  Umph!  (sounds of sucking; she groans at his feeling of her 42C jugs)

M: (soon begins to finger her wet pussy, and finger goes in)

L: Ohhhh . . . . Yesss . . . .That is sooooooo erotic!!! (after a few minutes)

M: Nancy, would you like for me to lick your sweet pussy! (smiles)

L: Ohhh . .  Wowww . . . Iíve never done that before . . . Yes, Mack . .  Lick my pussy, hon! (she spreads her legs)

M: (leans down and begins gently to lick up and down her vulva, which quickly parts, and his tongue goes deeper and more rapid)

L: Ohhhhhhhh . . .Iíve never felt anything like that before . . .  Ohhhh . . . Yessss. . . . Lick my snatch, honey . . .uhhhhh .  .uhhh .. .

M: (touches her clitoris)

L: Ohhh . . .ohh . . . Thatís the spot . . .(after about 3 minutes)  Ohhhh. . . Iím commmmming!!  ohhhhh . . (she begins to quiver and shake, bouncing around in orgasmic pleasure as the 30-something man works her pussy over with his active tongue) Ohhhhh . . . Iím in heaven. . . Uhhhh Öuuuh. . .(she thrusts and bounces uncontrollably for about 3 minutes and then begins to quiet down) Ohhhhh . . .  Ohhhh . . .baby. . . You made me soooo happy!

M: Iím glad, Nancy!  You made me pretty happy, too, baby!

L: I havenít given you an orgasm, hon.  Let me suck your cock now! (smiles)

M: Okay, sweetheart!  Here it is!  (he sits on couch, spreads legs)

L: (she kneels on floor in front of couch, her tush and cuntlips showing; she grasps his hard 8Ē cock, and begins to pump, then licks up and down the shaft, over the corona, and then into her mouth, beginning to suck gently)

M: Ohhhhh. . . Nancy!  You are fantastic, dear!  Uhhhhh . . .

L: (is now sucking the young cock with enthusiasm; he is fondling her naked 42D jugs) Umph!! Umph!  Umph! (sucking sounds; after about 4 minutes)

M: Ohhhh . . .  Iím commming baby . . . Uhhh . . .uhhh . . . Uhhhh . . .

L: Okay, baby, let it rip!  Let me see your come, honey!

M: Uhhh . . .uhhh . . . (the white liquid begins to spurt out of his dick, falling on her breasts and face) uhhh Ö uhhh . . . Wowwww . . .

L: (when it has slowed down, she puts cock back in her mouth and swallows the excess semen, sucking gently) Ummmm . . .

M: Oh, Nancy!  What a cock-sucker you are, sweetheart!  You are amazing!

L: Thank you, baby!  I never did it before today! And Iím ready to fuck another one of you sweet guys!