Age:  55,  DOB:  02/28/52,  Height: 5' 5½",  Weight:  170,  Measurements:  36C-29-40,  Marital Status:  Divorced,  State you reside in:  Socorro, New Mexico,  Occupation:  Junior Account Executive,  Hobbies:  SEX, Reading, SEX, Swimming, SEX, Cooking, SEX, Hiking, SEX, Rock Hounding and SEX!,  Favorite Flower:  Daisy (I'm a cheap date), Favorite Meal:  I've always been a "meat and potato" gal,  Favorite Drink: Tattinger's Champagne,  Favorite Scent: Chanel No. 5,  Do You Smoke:  No,  Sexual Orientation:  Straight,  Are you a swinger?  No,  Age when you lost your virginity:  18, The most sexually sensitive part of your body:  Right side of neck and small of back,  Do you enjoy Oral Sex: YES!!!,  Do you enjoy Anal Sex:  I LOVE it!,  Favorite Sexual Position: Anything that doesn't require standing on my head (at least for a long period), Type of sex you dislike the most:  Can't think of any at the moment,  Turn-Ons:  Hot-tubbing; swimming in the nude; special quiet times; and men that smell great and look good in jeans!,  Turn-Offs: Crass, loud and obnoxious people; dirty and smelly folks; bad teeth; people who don't listen and who think that they are always right; people who are cruel to children and animals,  Favorite Website: Wally's (of course);;; nature's  (I am a vitamin junkie),  If you could spend the night having sex with any person in the world, whom would you choose:  Tommy Lee Jones, Sean Connery, but mainly the guy who took these pics!!
I did the photo shoots of Miranda a few years back.  AHH .. the things I go through in order to bring you beautiful women!!!  Like driving over 200 miles through blizzard connditions.. on snow-packed highways... in order to rendevous with the gorgeous Miranda and the guy who was her hubby at the time.  The meeting had been arranged a week and a half earlier..  We'd meet half-way between our homes.  They'd drive North on I-25 from where they lived in Socorro, New Mexico, to Raton ... and I'd drive about 220 miles South from Denver... on Dec. 4th.  However, the weather gods weren't smiling on me, as a winter storm dumped on the entire state of Colorado the day and night before.  But, just for you people, on Saturday morning me 'n the ButtMobile headed off into the jaws of mother nature.  What is normally a 3 hour drive.. took over six hours.  Oh well, after meeting Miranda and doing a photo-shoot of her, we both decided that we wanted to meet again in a week or two for more photo shoots.  The next shoot was done in Socorro.  Miranda is even sexier and more beautiful in person, than the pictures portray her.
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