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Name you wish:  Lizz Coxx ---- Age:  38 ---- Date of Birth: 04-01-72 ---- Height: 5 '5" ---- Weight: 215 ---- Measurements: 40DD ---- Are your tits natural?:  All natural ---- Panty size:  I wear XL thongs ---- Shoe size: 8 ---- Color of hair: Brown ---- Color of eyes: Blue ---- Marital Status: Married ---- Pussy: Bald ---- Tattoos: Two; "tramp stamp" and another on my ass ---- Piercings: None ---- State you reside in: Ohio ---- Normal occupation: Interior Design ---- Hobbies: Sex! More Sex! ---- Favorite flower: Big Island Watermelon Obake Anthuriums ---- Favorite Meal: Sushi ---- Favorite alcoholic drink: Pina Colada ---- Favorite music: R&B ---- Favorite movie: Date Night ---- Favorite TV: The Bachelor ---- Favorite perfume: Estee' Lauder Sensous ---- Favorite color: Black ---- Kind of car I drive: Hyundai Genesis ---- Kind of car I wish I had: I like BMW's, use to own one and want another ---- Do You Smoke: No! ---- Sexual Orientation: I am Bi ---- Are you a swinger?: Yes ---- Age when you lost your virginity: 18, yes 18. ---- The most sexually sensitive parts of your anatomy: Neck, nipples and low back ---- Do you really like having your titties sucked?: Oh yes! ---- Do you enjoy Oral Sex?: Very much ---- Do you swallow? Sometimes but love it on my face more ---- Do you enjoy Anal sex?: It's a mood thing ---- Do you like having your ass and asshole licked and/or tongue-fucked?:  Yes ---- Favorite sexual position: All of them but I like doggie and riding ---- Describe the type of penis you prefer: I am not a believer that it's not the size that counts. SIZE DOES MATTER!!! Nothing under 7 and 9 inches and thick is perrrrrrfect. I like circumsized. ---- Type of sex you dislike the most:  someone that just wants to "get off" only ---- Turn-Ons: Big cock that likes to please in all kinds of ways ---- Turn-Offs: Someone that just wants to "get off" only ---- What are things that piss you off?:  Prejudice, dishonesty ---- Fantasy(ies): Two men and a boat; two men and a hot tub; or better yet two men, a woman and some kind of water atmosphere ---- Favorite web site: BootyGuy / DixieCuties. REAL women who are proud of their bodies ---- If you could have one night of sex with any person in the world, whom would you choose?:  I have that...my man!
E-mail address you wish to you use on our site:  lizzcox4u@gmail.com
Anything else you'd like to add?:  If you are an ass man, you might like me; if you're a tits man, you might like me;
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Another babe with titties I'd love to bury my face between.
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