Age: 54 ---- Date of Birth: July 4 ---- Height: 5' 6" ---- Weight: 190 ---- Measurements: 40D-34-42 ---- Are your tits natural?: Oh yeah! Soft and squeezable too (wink) ---- Panty size: 8 ---- Shoe size: 8 ---- Color of Hair: Auburn ---- Color of Eyes: Blue ---- Marital Status: Single ---- Pussy:  Full bush ---- State you reside in: Georgia ---- Normal occupation:  Pleasure activist ---- Hobbies: Cooking, reading, nude sunbathing ---- Favorite Flower: Iris ---- Favorite Meal: Toss up Italian or French ---- Favorite alcoholic drink: Coconut Martini ---- Favorite Music: 70's and the blues ---- Favorite Movie: Legend ---- Favorite TV: House ---- Favorite Perfume: Obsession ---- Favorite Color: Purple ---- Kind of car I drive: Red BMW ---- Kind of car I wish I had: Jaguar ---- Do You Smoke:  Socially, Marlboro lights ---- Sexual Orientation: Bi, of course ---- Are you a swinger?: Definitely ---- Age when you lost your virginity: 15 ---- The most sexually sensitive part of your anatomy: I do love a good nibble on my neck ---- Do you enjoy Oral Sex?: YES ---- Do you enjoy Anal sex?: Nope ---- Favorite Sexual position: Cocooning but doggie is nice too ---- Describe the type of penis you prefer: 7 1/2  to 8 and fat ---- Type of sex you dislike the most: Anal ---- Turn-Ons: Sweat dripping on me ---- Turn-Offs:  Bad hygiene ---- What are things that piss you off:  Not being on time ---- Fantasy:  Having a harem of my own, men and women ---- Favorite Web site:  www.clips4sale.com/5067 ---- If you could have one night of sex with any person in the world, whom would you choose? Sean Connery 
E-mail address you wish to you use on our site: foxi.roxi53@gmail.com
Your site URL: http://www.southern-charms4.com/foxiroxi

It's always a genuine pleasure to add a mature lady to our DixieCuties "family".  Especially one with ample meat on her bones,
and dee-damn-lishus looking tits.  With FoxiRoxi, the beautiful red hair is an added bonus.

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