Age:  31 --- Date of Birth:  June 15, 1974 --- Height:  5í8Ē--- Weight:   280+lbs --- Measurements:  53-44-58 --- Are your breasts natural:  Yes --- Panty size:  10 --- Shoe size:  10 --- Color of Hair:  Chestnut brown almost blonde   Color of Eyes:  Blue --- Marital Status:  Happily married --- Pussy:  At this moment it's bald --- State you reside in:  Virginia --- Normal occupation:   Webcam Vixen, pornstar, model, mother --- Hobbies:   Sex, reading, sex, drawing, sex, roleplaying games, did I mention sex? --- Favorite Flower:   Rose --- Favorite Meal:  Seafood --- Favorite alcoholic drink:  Screwdriver --- Favorite Music: Rock, German metal --- Favorite Perfume:   Mesmerize --- Favorite Color: Purple --- Kind of car I drive:  I donít --- Kind of car I wish I had:  One that flew --- Do You Smoke:   No, I quit 9 years ago --- Sexual Orientation (Straight, Bi-curious, Bi or Lesbian):   All the above --- Are you a swinger?:   Yes --- Age when you lost your virginity: 13 --- The most sexually sensitive part of your anatomy :  Neck --- Do you enjoy Oral Sex:  Yes.. both giving and receiving --- Do you enjoy Anal sex?:  YES! --- Favorite Sexual position:  Any, as long as Iím getting it --- Describe the type of penis you prefer: The one in me now!!!! --- Type of sex you dislike the most:  Scat, bestiality, disgusting things like that. --- Turn-Ons:  Neck nibbling, being sung to, slow dancing. --- Turn-Offs:  Rap music, Being lied to. --- What are things that piss you off:  Stupid people, being lied to. --- Fantasy:   To be in the middle of a mostly girl orgy, with two guys. --- Favorite Web site(s): and --- If you could have one night of sex with any person in the world, whom would you choose? Ron Jeremy 
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You can also see Astralyn Gyser in "The Lineup".
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